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Letter to TfL regarding the proposed removal of the Congestion Charge Western Extension

I spent so much time writing this that I thought I ought to save it somewhere - so here it is!

Further information:

I think it is a bad idea. It doesn't apply to the area I live in but I still have a valid opinion!

1. Many people who work in jobs with a low income have to take buses to work. The efficiency of these buses is dependent on the level of traffic on the roads they operate on. Removing the congestion charge for half of London will INCREASE the number of cars on the road. This will make the daily commute for poorer people more difficult.

2. More cars on the road also means a more difficult and hazardous journey for cyclists.

3. The only people who are going to benefit from this are the rich. Yummy mummies who spend all day at the spa and then drive their Hummers on the school run will be delighted. Meanwhile, mothers who are juggling full time careers with children at school and no childcare will suffer from a more …