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On BernieBros

TW: Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Julian Assange/AnonUK

There's often a naivety that movements for social justice are inherently full of good people. They aren't. Activist movements often reproduce the same inequalities that they purport to challenge and nowhere is that more visible right now than the rise of the Berniebro.

It was inevitable that the Sanders "revolution" (while things have changed since the 80s, Bookchin's analysis of Bernie Sanders is still essential reading), in addition to mirroring some of the best aspects of radical left social movements, would also emulate their darker side. Manarchists, brocialists and brogressives existed long before Bernie announced his campaign and they will continue to exist long after. MBBs are almost always middle class, white, cishetero men who are interested in social justice and liberation, but only to the point where it does not challenge their privileged status. For pretty much every social movement, dealing wi…